Kali Yuga - An Island Gathering 2017

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May 19 2017 - May 21 2017

Kali Yuga
An Island Gathering of Psytrance

We would like to invite you to a weekend of celebration the Age of our Yuga and the balance of feminine energy as we begin our transition from Spring into Summer. Yuga is defined as the The Hindu belief that Humanity is a living organism itself reflecting the spiritual transcendence of the Devas throughout the ages of time. The Yuga that we are currently in is Kali Yuga, not to be confused with the Goddess Kali, but the demon Kali who represents the evil, discontent and strife of our current world. As dark as this may seem, many of us understand we must walk through the darkness to find the purest of light. We are in the Yuga that is needed for the wandering humanity to find true purpose again. We have chosen the month of May to also bring a counter balance with celebration of the Goddess Kali Ma who brings us balance between light and dark. She is known as the destroyer of ego so one can sit within the divinity of true self. So we humbly invite you to dance with us in recognition of the darkness we stand in while together we stomp and call in the light and balance needed to help guide us through this transition.